What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW ~ 159

I'm not going to say the usual...I can't believe its Wednesday again...but really I can't! 
It suddenly gallops up and bites you! So because I posted a mammoth photographic post of an artist's retreat called Monsalvat yesterday, I'll keep today's post short and sweet...which is what the lovely Julia requests.
I have to apologise before I go any further if I didn't get to your desk last week...it's not that I didn't want to or couldn't be bothered ~ I really just couldn't fit it all in. I wish I could visit you all and not only on a Wednesday...I know there's some amazing blogs out there....so if you have a tactic on how to manage this task....please tell me your secret. ;D
Oops...I better show my desk before I ramble on...well yet again it’s the dining table. It’s still chilly here so no studio for me for a while.

It's a good job that my art doesn't require masses of equipment because I have to pack them away each time I need the table...but then it's cosy and the sun shines in here, so I'll put up with that for now...
After last week's comments my son's been playing and took this shot of me working but through the glass reflection from the dining room door. I think we need to tweak this technique, but you can see a little of my view...but unfortunately the sun wasn't shining when he took it.

If you're new here or confused as to what on earth WOYWW are all about, then nip over to Julia
at her place and all will become clear....you'll have a great time and see some amazing things...but beware it can be addictive!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone....keep smiling :D