Pack your bag...we're off to the Maldives....

Okay so we're in the middle of winter here and I know quite a few of you out there haven't had the summer you would wish for ~ well not so far anyway.
So how about we just nip to the Maldives for a little warm? Are you free to join me? 
Come on then....

I hope you like flying because once you land in Malé then you downsize air transportation...which was great fun. My son was so excited as this was the smallest plane he'd ever flown in. 
We were virtually sitting on the pilots lap...I mean what you have to put up with to get a holiday! ;D

I made sure that all was in correct working order and also did my pre-flight checks...even down to the shopping lists on the 'yokes' or 'joysticks'...see I know my stuff. 
The pilot asked if I wanted to fly the plane but I declined...I mean I was supposed to be on holiday and having no stress after all....

Apologies for the quality of this photo but the window wasn't the cleanest...but you can see the luxury accommodation stretching out into the ocean....Ahhh.....
I took quite a few photo's of all the different islands which shows the rebuilding after the tragic 2004 tsunami.
Can you believe it's been that long since that tragedy?

The water was an incredible cobalt blue which unfortunately this photo doesn't show. 
The Maldives nestle in the middle of the Indian Ocean....just paradise.

Here's my son after leaving the sea plane ready to embrace the island. 
Bring it on....

And here comes out island right on cue....
As soon as you land on the island life is stripped down to simplicity. You can kick off your shoes...quite literally and not put them back on until you're ready to leave the island.
They comb (yes comb) all the floors including the dining area. I've never felt such a relief at not having to pack all my eight pairs of holiday footwear (for all occasions because you never know if you need heels, flats, runners, etc etc) and I'm sure my OH gave a cheer to.

Approaching the beach.....and the welcoming party!

Again I apologise for the quality of this photo because I think I may have just brought the camera outside from the air conditioned room. It gives you the idea of what the beach was like...although this doesn't really do it justice.

Other than a leisurely wander around the whole island ~ which took about 40 mins at a really slow relaxed pace ~ there were other activities for the more active! Phew....I'll have another cocktail please and could you just pass me that's just out of my reach!

Here are some of the local residents.....

I think he's hot footing it off to the restaurant....because the meals were unbelievable
One special thing that I remember other than all the wonderful food made available all day long...was after one meal I folded my napkin into a flower and left it on the table...our waiter from then on at every meal would have a different folded napkin waiting for us. I was amazed by how many different designs he could do. The elephant was extraordinary!

Here's another little chap that needs to book into the spa for a manicure/pedicure. 
I did and had a wonderful pampered afternoon. I think it was compulsory!?!?!

Here's a local that unfortunately washed ashore many years previously.

 Obviously there's diving and fishing which lets face it you have to try...those waters are unbelievable.
Here's lunch just coming aboard...

And I have to tell you on one night time fishing trip, I caught the largest fish of the whole crew...on a hand line!!! 
I've cropped this photo but yes it is me and that's MY fish. I have to admit I did need help hauling him in because the line cuts into your hand when you have a big dude like that on the end of it. 
Also I thought it best that you didn't see the sea monster up close and personal...after all we had been out on the boat a few hours in the sea breeze and it was a tough job hauling him onboard, so it's best I cropped myself off. I don't want to frighten the kids!

Talking of kids here's my son suffering our pre-dinner drinks but dinner is about to be served! 
No wonder he grew to six foot!

There's always something to focus on whilst was tough but someone had to do it!

Unfortunately I think I hear the sea plane we better find our shoes and head back....
Maybe we will manage a trip to the Mauritius before winters over? 
Would you be free again? 
I hope's more fun taking friends along!

I'll leave you in peace to watch the sun set....ahh...
Have a wonderful weekend ~ relax, have fun and smile :D