Giveaway Grand Draw...The winner is.....drum roll please.....

Drum roll please......
So here comes the 'Giveaway' prize draw....with the local celebrity as promised! 
What do you mean? ~ "oh its only her"....I'll have you know she charges an exorbitant appearance fee. Fresh chicken no less and I'm beginning to think she was actually working the system, because we had to rehearse for hours ;D
I began to think she'd pop before we got to actually picking a winning name.
Here's what we did due to the Rafflecopter not working (if only it had I'd have saved myself HOURS of intensive training) I popped on one of Mufftypups socks onto her right paw as she's right pawed...then attached a band of sticking tape around the paw. Now this sounds simple enough, but let me tell you it wasn't. 
Firstly she didn't want to wear a sock...secondly when I tried to get her to walk across the names on the floor she walked around them....thirdly when she did manage to walk across them, none of the names stuck to the tape (Grrr....that's me not her by the way) the time I wrapped so many pieces of sticky tape around the paw she could hardly lift it!
Fifthly (is that a word...oh well you know what I mean) as I say I think she was working the system because she can be switched on when she wants to be but she realised if I pick this name then the chicken will vanish! 
ANYWAY....we got there in the end (phewph) and there is a winner! 
Now fess up if you went straight to the video to see who won....yes I thought you might ;D
If you didn't....well done off you go and see if you're the winner.....

I'd written all the names on the paper and as you can see one stuck to her CONGRATULATIONS 505 Whimsygirl!
I'll contact you directly to check which designs you'd like including into your pack of six cards and for your address of course.
Before you all go off in a huff, I'd like to thank you all for indulging in my crazyness. I'm thrilled so many of you wanted to take part and not only hit the follow button, but left such lovely comments. 
They all mean so much to me....
If you're distraught and unable to carry on for the day, then don't dispair because they are available in my Etsy shop now...
Have a wonderful weekend everyone ~ have fun ;D