Friday Floral Photos...

It's been quite a week...what with Etsy, Rafflecopter and giveaways! I've had battles beyond belief and they aren't all working as I would have liked....they all challenged my brain to its limits at times, but we're thankfully on our way into the long weekend which is timed perfectly. Time to chill out!
So I thought I'd post some photos of the flowers that I bought yesterday. I then added some foliage from the garden which adds a autumn twist and wonderful colour. The colours were amazing when the sun popped out just in time for my photo, but unfortunately it highlights how dirty my windows are at the moment.
No don't zoom in!.....hey, I've been busy and this little ray of sunshine was the first we've seen for days!

I adore having fresh flowers in the house...they make me smile :D

Then I noticed this little leaf on the table below.....casting its long shadow.

Before I go, I thought you might like to see the Protea design in its new's difficult to photograph with so much reflection. I'd have preferred to have taken the shot directly from the front but then you'd have seem my image in the reflection...not a pretty sight with the day I'd had!

I'm on a date night tonight...and yes it is with my OH! ;D
We're off to an Italian restaurant which should be 'Bellisimo' 
 Have a wonderful weekend