Bank Holiday Monday....yay!

We woke this morning to quite a thick wasn't exactly a pea souper, but it was quite thick for Melbourne. 
Thanks to the Public Holiday for the Queen's Birthday we were able to take things rushing off to work and certainly no Monday morning feelings. 
Bacon and egg breakfast with copious cups of tea.......not a bad way to start the day.
The fog lay think until after lunch but thankfully it did lift and there was the's been missing for quite a few days...heaven knows where it went...but we'll forgive it, just so long as it stays.

(Plants from a random garden on my morning walk)

I had an interesting ride on the train on Friday I looked about the carriage, I saw the majority of people plugged into their own little world. Either with ipads, iphones or ipods! It's amazing what you hear from people who seem oblivious to the fact that everyone can hear what they discuss, whether it is the current state of their love lives, office politics, financial status, even to what was to be for dinner that night!
So imagine my surprise when I heard someone actually talk to me. Well I assumed he was talking to me because he wasn't wired for sound....and then it started...a real conversation. We chatted for most of the journey into the city. It was such an interesting conversation. He was returning to Sydney, but had been doing the journey back and forth from Melbourne since he was a small boy.
It was such a pleasant journey and I realised if I'd been plugged in, I'd have missed the opportunity to find out lots of interesting details, facts and to have a real conversation.

 (The water dropslet still clinging on...)

By the way, I've made enquiries concerning a local celebrity, the diary has been checked and she's free to appear for my 'Giveaway' prize draw on Wednesday. 
Due to the Rafflecopter not working correctly she has agreed to pick the winning name for the prize.
To keep the paparazzi at bay, I've been asked to keep the details confidental at this stage but all will be revealed on Wednesday. I think you'll enjoy the fun :D
Until then...have a great week and remember smile ~ it will make someone's day!