What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW

Wow...Wednesday nearly passed me by...but its been that kind of week AGAIN! 
Firstly, I have to thank everyone for popping by my place last week, leaving such wonderful encouraging comments. I love visitors and really enjoy you're feedback.
So a big thank you to you all and my apologies if I didn't get to you're desk!
Having said that it's because of you that I've bitten the bullet and I'm trying to print my work. 
What a steep learning curve that is turning out to be ~ well its virtually a horizontal hike never mind a steep curve!
So today isn't really my desk as such but what's been produced on it.....
I haven't posted anything since last Sunday because I had to keep a secret from a friend. 
A good secret because its her birthday today and I'm hopefully handing over her present as you read this, with a glass of bubbly in my hand ;D
I couldn't write any details beforehand because she's been with me and my blog journey since day one, so I know she'd have seen it and that would have spoilt the surprise....so this is for her...

 (It was difficult to photograph due to reflections and obviously Neesie Natters isn't plastered across
the original but then I know you'd know that ;D)

In Australia magpies are very popular. I have to explain that they are very different from the UK kind. 
If you would like to know a little about them then see here
It even has a link so that you can  hear their unusual chorkling.
My friend has a family of four calling every day, to be hand fed tasty juicy morsels. 
But I couldn't just draw one magpie (remember the rhyme 1 for sorry?...hence I drew another in the tree ~ 2 for joy) I remember this rhyme so well from my younger days of watching the tv programme 'Magpie' but when I recited the rhyme to my son he thought I'd flipper (his word) gone mad.
I'm trying to keep my entry brief today...and that's a major effort for me, so if you are wondering what I am going on about visiting desks, pop over to the lovely Julia and join in...there's so much talent out there, plus if you're a sticky beak nosey parker like me, then you'll love snooping around everyone's desk.
Have fun, smile and pass on some thoughtful act (make someone's day) :D