What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW

Can you believe it's Wednesday? But it's all good here because I've been a busy bee...
I'm going to try and keep this post short after yesterday's long one, but we'll see.
This shot of my work desk is of the kitchen isle and not in the studio. The sun was shining right in, so it seemed the best spot to work. You see I'm like a sunflower that follows the sun :D 

So no surprises ~ its zentangles still, but with a twist...see there's some colour! I didn't like the bird of paradise drawing, but couldn't work out why...until 4am one morning (don't ask) then I realised it was because I'd drawn it horizontal and not vertical. So what to do with the scrap one....have a play of course. 
So I thought I'd give the colours an airing! What do you think?
I finished the vertical design (without colour) yesterday and have at least 5 other designs lined up :D

Thankfully, I think my mug is a little cleaner this week, but let me tell you I nearly picked up the paint water to drink so many times I lost count! I think I'll stick with tea in future....
 See the Protea plant design on the right hand side? I'm really pleased with how that turned out. 
What was I saying about keeping it brief? Hmm....
Thanks to everyone who visited my desk last week...I love to have visitors, so the kettle will be on for you as soon as WOYWW starts.

Well if you are wondering what I am going on about visiting desks, pop over to the lovely Julia and join in...there's so much talent out there, plus if you're a sticky beak nosey parker like me, then you'll love snooping around everyone's desk.
Have fun, smile and pass on some thoughtful act (make someone's day) :D