What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW

I'm amazed that I've actually managed to spend some time in my studio this week...whooho! 
And it feels so good. ;D

I'm juggling between the jobs but my reward is to spend time being creative too. It's not ideal but for now it seems to be working.  Pity washing my tea mug wasn't on my list of jobs to do before taking this photo...I just kept refilling the same mug as the tea kept going cold. Yuk!
Normally I drink my cuppa whilst it’s still like molten lava. But when I'm being creative, it's the only time I tend to forget to drink...at any other time it would be a hanging offence.
Note the vinetage mobile phone...no super duper iphone here...(sob sob)...maybe one might appear soon but I have an affection for this trusty friend. It keeps my schedule, sends me reminders, has photos that I can't take off due to my daughter not remembering the security code, alarms to keep me on time and treasured texts that I've saved. Yes, I know an iphone could do all this plus make great toast, but I haven't got one yet! So I can't compare only turn 50 shades of green when I see someone intently connected to their's.

See what I received last week in the post...I now feel a proper member of WOYWW. Julia kindly sent my badge....all 12,000 miles! Thanks again Julia ;D


Surprisingly I'm not zentangled out yet, but I feel there may well be a timeline on these but I keep coming up with designs that I'd like to do. Yesterday I produced the King Protea plant which I hope to finish today.
I've also completed an A3 size garlic to hang in my kitchen.
Well if you are wondering what I am going on about visiting desks, pop over to the lovely Julia and join in...there's so much talent out there plus if you're a sticky beak nosey parker like me, then you'll love snooping around everyone's desk.
Have fun, smile and pass on some thoughtful act (make someone's day) :D