Surprise, surprise....

Life throws up surprises when we least expect them. I experienced two in fact during last week....
One happened in my local veggie shop whilst I was debating the merits of broccoli against green beans...a little voice piped up nearby, "Can we have a cauliflower?" The question came from a little cutie to her mum. Imagine my surprise! I don't think I've ever heard a child ask for any vegetable in my whole life! EVER!

The mother just carried on as if it was the usual so many kids passing the sweetie counter or by the checkouts when are defences are lowered trying to get through the trauma of queues, trolleys, and tantrums...or is that just me!
I wanted to run after the mum to congratulate her on a job well done, but's probably the norm here with so much fresh local produce in abundance, so probably not a strange phenomenon at all. 

My second surprise although it shouldn't have been a surprise really with all the effort I've personally put into this particular project over the years. It was my son's 20th Birthday and he'd finally reached the staggering height of 6 foot!
Not such a feat for some I hear you say, but I'm only 5' 4" tall and my OH is only 5' 8" and a half!
The HALF is very important and has always been stressed ~ it must not be forgotten in the equation ~ ever!
My father stood over 6' 2" and although my siblings didn't bother to leave any of the height gene's for me, being the last of the litter, the runt, the baby, I didn't get a say in any of the distribution.
Since my son arrived it's been my ambition for him to take after my father. 
All my OH's family are vertically challenged (eek! I hope they won't mind me saying this, but it's true).
We've measured my son on every birthday since he arrived but unfortunately the door posts where the record is noted aren't situated in one location, they're distributed throught the world on various doorposts. 
I've cajoled, cooked up a storm, baked, placed him in the sun periodically, watered profusely and other than popping his feet into compost ~ because that would obviously have been misinterpreted as child abuse ~ I was willing to do whatever was needed to achieve our goal. 
I say our goal because my son wanted desperately to tower over his Dad and he's finally acheived it. Although he's just said when I mentioned this article that that wasn't exactly true because his Dad was the biggest guy around in his special is that...especially when you're only 5' 8" and a half!

My son's had quite a week actually along with his birthday, saying goodbye to his teens, and also he's to start  a new job tomorrow. 
He's certainly walking tall just now! ;D