Friday's Photos...

If you're expecting my Simple Woman's Daybook today, then I apologise....
and if you're not...then why not? ;D
Basically my excuse is that I've ran out of time this week. I could I? 
But I may get a chance over the coming weekend. Who knows?
There's word that we could have some there may well be time for another post! 
Unless of course, I'm whisked away somewhere quite exotic, warm and totally self-indulging for Mother's Day...other than the option to launch myself into the ironing pile that's now resembling a monument, I suppose. Well that'll be warm but hardly exotic!
But the weather this week has been extraordinary for autumn, so I've been out and about taking snap shots of all the beautiful things that have caught my attention....well some of them anyway.
Like this tree that stopped me in my tracks this morning. I immediately saw a traffic light!
Can you see what I mean? Okay maybe you had to be there?
Then to see the stop sign nearby just made me giggle...okay it doesn't take much ;D
But then here's a tree that's definitely got high blood pressure, angry or just loving making a statement dressed in red! (apologies for the photo ~ it was so bright and sunny)

I love this tree...but then I love all trees I guess. At different times of the day it changes...really putting on a show for everyone.

After drawing the Protea plant last week, I saw this huge plant growing in a nearby garden. I didn't realise how large the plant can grow. This shot was obviously after a shower with the raindrops still evident.

So yes, we have had some rain which means mushrooms. I have to confess I know nothing about mushrooms growing in the wild, so stay well clear and just admire them from afar...but I do like the idea of wandering around the woods with my little basket collecting them. Maybe one day?

For now I'll play safe and collect mine from my lovely local veggie store....

So with lots of sunshine and showers it's not surprising that the lemon trees profusely producing wonderful lemons in abundance!
Unfortunately this particular tree isn't in our garden but we do have about a 12 lemons on ours, so I'm very happy. 
My OH is ecstatic because that means there's enough for his beloved lemon tart!

The eucalyptus flower caught my eye especially with having the three stages of development all on the same stem ~ well that's what I think it is, but if I'm wrong please let me know.

But autumn is drawing to a close and winter should be knocking on the door, although you'd never guess with today's weather. 

I'd have a cosy warm feeling having this wood pile waiting nearby the house...
I really miss our open fire...(sigh)....I'm putting one on my wish list for our next house!

So wherever you are right now, I hope the sun shines on you this weekend....enjoy and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's out there :D