What's on Your Workdesk ~ WOYWW 155

Hello Wednesday WOYWWer's...how are you?
I hope you've had a great creative week but no doubt I'll soon know when I go desk hopping. If you're wondering what I am going on about visiting desks, then pop over to the lovely Julia and join in...there's so much talent out there, plus if you're a sticky beak nosey parker like me, then you'll love snooping around everyone's desk.
So now is the time to reveal my desk....but today I'm going to try and keep my post brief because not only is that Julia's preference, I also want to get on with actually working on my project. Mainly setting up my Etsy shop with some of my designs. I'm still playing with the printing process at the moment, so I'm not sure which designs will make it or when? I've also many more designs still clambering to get out of my head onto paper! 
So other incidentals like eating, sleeping and generally life will just have to wait until I get this sorted.

 It was a little dull taking this photo this morning because the sun hasn't managed to reach over the high hedge yet. It is out but as I've mentioned above I'm a little impatient to get going today so I couldn't wait. Most of the work is contained in plastic wallets too which isn't the best for taking photos. I was sorting through them late yesterday and that's the way I left them. Maybe I should repost in a few hours when hopefully I'm in the thick of things....
So there you are....work in progress as they say. Have fun desk hopping and hopefully we'll meet up somewhere along the way ;D

p.s. Oops forgot to say earlier when I sent this post that I hope to have my first giveaway as soon as I have a set of cards ready.
If I haven't clicked on your 'follower' button for you're blog please forgive me...it really isn't anything personal its just that I really haven't had the chance to follow more just yet, but I hopefully will be able to soon  ♥