What's on Your Workdesk....WOYWW

I'm determined to be brief with my entry for 'What's on my Workdesk' this week...HA! If you know me you'll know that that is quite a challenge, but I'm going to give it a go....
This week's entry photograph isn't actually taken in my studio as previous Wednesday's, but in our junk office space. All of the boxes you can see contain photographs. Zillions of photographs in fact, recording all our events and travels from over the years.
I have started to group them together but as you can imagine it's quite a task. The trouble is when you start looking through them...oh my...the week can disappear never mind the hour!

The large blue album on the far left hand side is a scrapbook that I created for our 25th Wedding Anniversary...unfortunately it isn't complete. I had to enclose an I.O.U in the cover to say I will finish it one day ;D
I did actually join a group of ladies a few months back at a Creative Memories workshop which was fun. I actually completed three additional pages that day, but I've still got a way to go. I only have to go up to 2004 but with time going so quickly, I'd better hurry before my memory goes and I won't be able to remember events.
We're now approaching our 33rd year, so I'd better get on with it. It was such a great thing to do because it shows our kids that we actually had a life before they arrived. Oops...just reminded myself I was to keep it brief so I'll finish here today....
There surprise surprise ~ I can be brief!
If you're confused by what I'm showing you here then just click over to Julia and it'll all become clear...plus you'll be able to snoop at some amazing crafty people, their desks and what they're up to...they won't mind...honest!
Happy WOYWW everyone...have fun ;D