What's on Your Workdesk....WOYWW

I'm spinning all the plates this week and just hoping they don't all come crashing down on me...but it's Wednesday and I haven't finished visiting everyone's work desk yet. I guess I failed that test.
Confused then just click over to Julia and it'll all become clear...plus you'll be able to snoop at some amazing crafty people, their desks and what they're up to...they won't mind...honest! ;D

I am determined to make my WOYWW entry brief today. As I mentioned I have so much to fit in before my SIL arrives at dawn on Saturday, appointments, and meetings etc on top of the usual stuff...that I haven't really gone into my room today...I just grabbed the pads and pens and sat at my kitchen workbench. The sun wasn't shining in that room, so that was my excuse. Not that I need one because there's no-one here to witness other than Mufftypup.

 Here's some of the zentangles that I've finished during to week...I'm still working on the teapot and cup.

Muffin actually was busy in the studio earlier...so here comes a confession...I don't only do art work in that room. There's lots of other activities that I may get to divulge at a later date...but today was Muffin's spa time.
I know quite a few of you mentioned how great it must be to have a sink handy...I think Muffin might not agree....what do you think?
With guests arriving a girl has to look her best though ^..^
Happy WOYWW everyone...have fun ;D