The Simplest Boiled Fruit Cake ~ ever!

I'm aware that I haven't been writing any foodie posts lately, so today I thought I'd remedy that.
I did want to pay tribute to a special wonderful woman and had sent a note to my sister asking permission before I posted photo's of this lovely lady. Alas I'm still waiting...
You might ask why did I ask my sister for permission? Well, because the lady in question is her mother-in-law (MIL). I have some wonderful photographs but obviously I wouldn't want to post these without her agreeing. I'm sure she would be fine about it, she's just like that, but it's only right to ask isn't it?
If I receive permission at a later date, then I'll post them because this lady is one party animal...the fact that she's 86, nearly 87 in fact (cough...hope she doesn't mind that little slip of info) has nothing to do with it.... onto the baking and hopefully the connection will become clear....
When I first got married all those many moons ago I really seriously wasn't what you might say proficient in the kitchen. Although I could do basic meals, I really had very few recipes which I felt comfortable with producing without the aid of a safety net....that was until my sisters MIL one day just rattled off a fruit cake recipe in a few sentences!
It sounded so easy and well within my difficult could it be when it was so short?

 ....How good does that look?

This cake is deliciously moist and has worked perfectly every time for me over the years. It's like an old reliable friend. Something you can depend on to not let you down.
I've tweaked the recipe numerous times...reducing sugar, adding nuts, cherries, whatever and still it works perfectly. I've used the basics for a Christmas cake, a little alcohol added could certain work, but to be honest I feel it’s perfect the way it is, if you want a quick, easy and no mess recipe.

....When the whiff of baking brought my son downstairs last night, nose twitching he commented that it took him down memory lane...which for him isn't a long lane, but never the less still pleasant.. 
We were all extremely full from our Sunday roast dinner, but once that cake was cool enough we just had to have a warm slice with a cuppa....ahhh....mmmm..... :D
Here's the recipe which I hope you'll try...let me know what you think and I'll pass on your comments to the party animal...if I can catch up with her ;D

Fruit Cake Recipe

Boiled ingredients:
2 cups of mixed fruit
1/4 cup of butter
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of water

Boil all of the above ingredients in a pan for approx 15 minutes. Stirring occasionally.
Then take from heat and leave to cool.

Remaining ingredients:
1 cup of flour
pinch of Bicarbonnate of soda
2 beaten eggs

Add remaining ingredients above to cooled ingredients in the pan. 
Mix together.
Place mixture into a baking tin ( I use a round but a loaf tin is equally as good) 
Cook for approximately one hour on Gas Mark 4 ~ 180°C ~ 350°F or until when placing a clean skewer into the middle it comes away clean.

....Didn't I tell you it was moist....

I had to eat this particular piece that I used for the photo shoot...but looking at this again now, I think it might just be time for another tea break ;D 
Have a great week...Enjoy and keep smiling!