Tired Trainers!

It's time to call it a day I think...my trainers (or runners) have finally given up on me. Sadly they want to retire.
We have travelled far and wide, over continents, scaled heights I didn't know I could reach, covered miles in all kinds of weather, walked, jogged and even on rare occasions when the wind was blowing in the right direction...ran!

I did try to slow things down for them...only using them to walk Muffin, but they still want to split ~ literally!
Oh well, all good things must come to an end I suppose....but I worry how much a new, young, flash, energetic pair might demand of me. Eek! : (
p.s. I'm so excited today because I've just got back from the Art Shop! Oh my....I'm so thrilled and want to get into my studio as soon as possible to get working!
We have a long weekend coming up here in Melbourne, so whatever you get up to have a good one.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Enjoy and keep smiling :D