It Starts! Whoohoo......

I want to shout it from the roof tops...
No, I didn't win the lottery, or found a chore for wrinkles. It's a lot simpler than that, but no less an achievement for me. For those who have been following my blog for a little while will understand my euphoria! I have finally started to create some artwork.

It all started when one day I strolled into a little shop with a gallery called Opendrawer located on Toorak Road.
Upon chatting to Pru (one of the owners) and finding an immediate liking to her philosophy to life. I wondered around her exhibition and as I came to leave, we chatted a little more. I'd been interested in another artists work that was also displayed around the premises and found that there was to be a workshop coming up in a week or so.
Before I knew it I'd signed on the dotted line. Later guilt set in because the workshop was to be for a full Sunday. Why do we do this to ourselves? The guilt I mean?
When I met Robyn (the other owner) at the actual workshop, she immediately put all my guilt where it should be...not on my shoulders, but kicked to the curb. I was made to feel so welcome...'There's no place for guilt here', 'Just leave it at the door' and the last one 'you just need a good slap' had me in stitches and just what I needed.
The workshop was at the rear of the premises and was a fabulous space. Twelve other guilt free girls met and began a new journey. The journey of discovering black and white pen line drawing.

The artists name is Katherine Devine. Not only did Kate have amazing work to show us, she generously passed on her expertise and home baking! Yes, home baked Muffins too. My idea of heaven, art and baking all in one place...I wanted to live there!

Initally for the first part of the workshop Kate chatted about her work and passed the first project to us. The small leaf at the top of the picture was Kate's example for our first attempt at line drawing. So it was over to this stage I was so enthusiastic that the instructions didn't seem to get through. Maybe it was my cold, or blocked ears or whatever but instead of doing as teacher instructed ~ the leaf she provided...I went ahead and created the monster leaf at the top right hand side. It wasn't until I glanced around at the other ladies that I realised my mistake. Oops I could have been on detention or lost points but Kate very kindly didn't even mention my error, instead she just gave masses of praise and encouragement. (Thanks Kate ; D)

(I have no idea why this photo appears blue because it's certainly not like that ~ only when it's posted! )

After a short lunch break we were then let loose. Armed with our idea produced from a photo which we'd then photocopied to bring along, Kate chatted to each student to weigh up the pro's and con's of our idea's.

Once again I was like a bullet and shot away with my design...the garlic. If you look towards my sidebar on the right, the original photo is there.

I'm thrilled with the outcome of my piece, but please make sure that you take a look at Kate's Gallery to see how the real artist works.
Kate also generously handed out paper, which I've had great pleasure using in my studio this morning. It's a little bare out there at the moment, but I now have things taking up's evolving and it's SOoooo exciting!

Here's my little play piece from this morning....

( again....maybe blogdom likes blue??? Although my apologies for the photo ~ it's getting late now and the lights moved it wasn't too sunny in the first place, so maybe that has something to do with it?)

So a huge thank you to Kate for relighting my artist Opendrawer for the brilliant venue, great atmosphere and fun loving ethos...and for everyone else who have given my encouragement to get back to drawing and know who you are, it's really appreciated : D