Cockatoo calling.....

Today the weather couldn't decide what to it wore nothing. It wasn’t cold nor warm, sunny or dull. There was a stillness and a peaceful quietness...well that was until the cockatoo's came to call.
Not long after moving into this house last year, we were invaded one Sunday morning by a huge flock of cockatoo's landing and taking over the neighbourhood for a few hours. This Sunday they returned.
Imagine the Hitchcock movie 'The Birds' and you'll get the idea, although these birds are white and not at all sinister.
I'd heard their noisy cry's a few times over the last few days, but hadn't actually seen them. They can make an incredible noise. A little like excited teenagers on a night out...the volume control seems to be stuck on full and they're oblivious to the fact that they might actually be disturbing others!
As I was walking under this particular tree I suddenly became aware they were all overhead. Here's a many can you count?...I counted 12...

But then as I walked further up the street and turned back for another shot, I realised that there were many more...and this was just one tree.

I sometimes forget that I'm actually in Australia, but then when I see a spectacular sight of this kind, there's no doubt.
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Well that's the weekend done and dusted (sigh) so I'll wish you a good week ahead...Keep smiling :D