Autumn - I think not!

I feel I've been neglecting my ordinary posts lately, over my arty ones. Many due to having to cajole my artistic mojo to stay put and be a demanding child it appears to have taken over slightly and calling all the shots! So a firm hand maybe needed to balance everything.
To help maintain that balance how about this shot on my early morning walk today? When I was a child we used to call this light effect 'the fingers of God'. I stopped in my tracks quite literally to capture the moment. Click!

 Unfortunately the camera didn't really do it justice but it gives the idea. 
Did I say it was autumn?....but we've had temperatures up to 27C. How crazy is that? But I'm not complaining...its perfect. 

I had an appointment this morning which was the reason for the earlier walk ~ Muffin was hardly awake when she heard the rattle of her lead... It didn't deter her though, up she sprang, she wouldn't miss out, on anything especially her morning walk!
My appointment was near to where we used to live when we first came to Melbourne, so it was good to see some of my regular old haunts. This park pictured below was the first real park, grass, trees, off leash area, that Muffin had ever seen, once she escaped quarantine. Not literally obviously, but she'd done her time.

It's a priviledge to walk around some of these parks here in Melbourne and today was no exception. The grass cutting tractor was busy too...(big breath in....ahh that smell) I wonder how many more grass cutting days are left?

 The climate today as I mentioned (I did mention it didn't I. sorry don't want to rub it in ;D) was perfect for a workout in the open air. Not that I did, with having an appointment...otherwise I might (yeah...right)
There are very often groups or individuals exercising in the open areas. If you look closely in the background of the photo below you'll see one lady being put through her paces. I didn't want to get too near with the camera ~ it doesn't seem fair to capture someone in their sweaty, vulnerable state. I know I'd want to swing my dumbbell if anyone tried to photograph me doing my work out!

 Just a quickie today to let you see that although it's classed as autumn, we're not suffering in any way ;D
In fact we're doing mighty fine!
Busy weekend planned but whatever you're up to enjoy and keep smiling :D