Are you free to join me in a walk?

I thought if you had a few minutes free you might like to join me on our morning walk?
It was Zac's last morning with us...yep his holiday's over and he's back home, probably enjoying being know how they do that to us? Sulking because they were left could they go without ME? I'll show them! etc etc...
Madame Mufftypup has had a very quiet afternoon sulking in her bed....but I've told her we'll see him again soon (^,,^) but she's not convinced.
Anyway...let's enjoy the day and our walk. It certainly was a beautiful morning. There was a crispness to it but then autumn is approaching here. We've had 31C degrees today which is crazy. So off we go.....
Here are the kids enjoying a roam off many things to investigate! 
Doggy heaven...

As you may know if you've visited me before I adore trees so here's a beautiful specimen. I always expect the trunk to feel warm like its alive which I know it is, but you know what I its a limb of a huge animal with pale skin. I know I frighten the kids sometimes...I know I'm strange : )

I love the white revealed once the bark falls away.

The sun was delicious and I really appreciated it...
These cuties caught my eye to ~ like a fairy village. It's amazing what you notice once you start to blog. Everything shouts out at you for a photograph...(oh no...tell me it's not just me again?)

This bird I believe is a Butcherbird. I think it may be a Grey Butcherbird but it could be a Pied Butcherbird.
The sky was cloudless and then I noticed the moon. How brilliant is forgot to go to bed. Maybe it wanted to enjoy the day too?

Look there's someone else flying by... 
This plane was circling around and around...not sure why?
It wasn't the usual thing to see so I hope it was okay?
Sorry its a little blurred but my zoom isn't that good!
 How amazing is this paper bark...I'm told you can paint and draw on for thought there.

 I know I mention the rainbow lorikeets regularly on my blog but today I finally managed to get up close and personal...They were sitting and chatting in a I snapped them whilst I could.

 This seed block is the one they visit ~ not mine unfortunately. I won't give up though.
How rude of them to ignore mine : (

 Now then, here's a little quiz for you...what is this? I haven't a clue but I loved his wings.

After the treelined walk we come to a couple of ovals for a quick game of footy. Muffin has always been a very keen player. It's amazing how fast her little legs will go.

The tallest building in the background is the Eureka building in the CBD... I plan to visit one day but I'm not sure about the glass cube which projects 3 metres out from the building, with you in it - suspended almost 300 metres above the ground! It's the only observation deck in the world that can thrill you with 'The Edge' suspended almost 300 metres above the ground! Eek!
The Skydeck is situated on the 88th floor and is the highest public vantage point (285m) in the Southern Hemisphere. If I do visit then I'll definitely either take you with me or let you see evidence that I was there.

Back to well as the blackbirds I never expected to see oak trees here. But I'm so glad they are.

And so back home for a well needed cuppa...and the final splash of colour.

Have a wonderful day...keep smiling and enjoy your day : D