Jack and the Beanstalk....

Are you sitting comfortably?....then I shall begin my story.....Once upon a time there was a widow and her son Jack....(hopefully you'll know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk already so I won't have to be here all night typing...)

Jack and the Beanstalk fairy story comes to mind with today's post because I planted a few seeds and within days look what happened....

It might have been a little more than a few days perhaps, because Christmas happened at the same time. I'm not sure exactly how many days they actually took to pop their heads through, but it certainly wasn't weeks. What a lovely surprise....
I've even checked the packet so that I know their name...Blue Lake ~ stringless beans full of flavour apparently...so if they do what it says on the packet, I'll be a happy bunny :D 

As you can see I've used some of those useful sacks that hopefully will hide them from all the snails and their insatiable appetites.

Plus a little innovation in the wigwam department, to help the beans climb (not the snails!). I didn't have time to nip to the garden centre to get organised before they sprouted...that was the last destination on my list whilst in the throws of xmas activities!

They seem to like it... This was taken today.

At this rate we could have runner beans with the Sunday Roast!!!

Whatever you get up to today...have fun ;D