Hot in the City....

Hello and Happy New Year to you all...
Here we are on the other side of Christmas and the New Year celebrations...phewph...can you believe that that's it for another year?
I have to admit I've struggled to begin posting today ~ maybe writers block but probably the fact that there are so many things fighting for my attention, that my brain has turned to smoosh! I know some would say "whats new?" - but I have a tough skin!

You're going to have to work with me on this one today...especially if you're snowed in or feeling an icy blast because here in Melbourne we're toast!
I know I've been in hotter places before, but since Christmas the temperature has been steadily rising. We've now reached 40 degrees celcius and last night was the hottest so far.
We're scanning the skies for stormy clouds which according to the weather BOM may come our way this evening...nothing to report so far, although there is a hint of a little tantalizing breeze. Sigh....
But until's time to relax and stay cool...

At last the pool has come into its own...the ice had melted in my glass by the time I launched myself onto the lounger! Thankfully no video camera was to hand whilst carrying out this delicate procedure.
I'm not sure I like this photo...but hey...we're friends now so what the heck!

These shots were taken earlier in the week whilst having lunch in the city. {More on that possibly later in the week}.
We were sitting rehydrating on a cafe terrace...{it's a must...we're always being told we need to take on more liquid....hic!} It's amazing how much fun you can have with just a few inches of water. Not me I hasten to add....I behaved myself and just watched the children's antics.

 Sheer joy...

Our house doesn't have air conditioning...YES I box that didn't get ticked but then this house is double bricked and unless there's a few concurrent days of heat, it is actually really cool.
It makes a difference having these blinds to draw down to keep the sun off the glass. My OH had a wee bit of tweeking to do in order to free the mechanism first though ~ I'm not sure when they were last used but they are very efficient.

We've also been giving Muffin her first swimming lesson....what a laugh we had...with her, not at her....nah...we were laughing at her, it has to be said. We made a video too that will be a later post. ^..^

So come back the meantime stay cool or cosy wherever you are! ;D