A & E trauma for my Camera.....

Apologies that I never came back with a finished painting yesterday but it wasn't a good day really. Everything I tried to do just either didn't work or was a waste of time. Don't you just hate those kind of days....one step forward, three back!
I've also been very accident prone and suffering from dropsy. You name it I've dropped it over the last week. Imagine my horror in a beautiful kitchen equipment shop I swiped two lovely glass bowls from their display.
Visualise the four shades of red I turned when all the shop assistants and shoppers looked to see what was all the commotion and who caused it!
Thankfully they were so kind saying it was an accident and didn't charge me. {Perhaps they deserve a separate post ~ they have fantastic products}
I even dropped my camera whilst loading the car up after one of my outings. I was stunned and just looked on with horror.
It was like road kill....all its inners spilt across the tarmac. Half of me thought ah ha...now for that new camera but then this little Trojan has served me so well. I wanted to take a photo but dah....obviously couldn't. Carefully I picked up all its parts and rushed to the emergency room back home.
I fiddled and tweaked until it resembled something like it used to....ie bottom hanging out, scraps and scratches but mainly all bits where they should be.....
Then came the test....would it actually work again??? Nervously I ventured out and started to snap away. It was a tricky start but then everything appeared to have recovered from the trauma. Phewph...
Here's some pics after the accident

Or more commonly named ' the toilet brush'

Bottle brush plants are evergreen trees with dark green leaves and red or pink flowers. The flowers are elongated at the end of branches and are comprised of short spiky petals. These flowers resemble a brush used to clean bottles with, hence the name bottle brush.

On with the walk....

I love the fact that there are weeping willow trees here.
I think they look so beautiful hanging over the water, gently swaying in the breeze.

It was rather warm so this shaded area was very much appreciated by both myself and Muffin.

Anyway, I'm away today to a creative craft workshop so I hope that I've left all my clumsiness behind. I'll let you know how I get on....
Have a fantastic weekend. Enjoy ; D