Let the Painting begin.......

It was rather a chilly wintry weekend, but there was such a lot going on here the weather didn't deter anyone, we just had to get on with it. For one thing it was the AFL Grand Final weekend, which here in Melbourne is BIG! For those of you who may not know and don't worry I won't point any fingers (in a hushed whisper....I'm not that into it myself...shock...horror!) the Australian Football or Aussie Rules game came to a climax with two teams - 'The Pies', Magpies or Collingwood (which ever name you prefer) as they are called played 'The Cats, or Geelong. Apparently it was a great game and there are still lots of discussions ongoing about it, even today. Its Mad Monday today and I think there's still celebrations and dressing up in costumes going on....Whoops I nearly forgot to say....Geelong won.
If anyone outside of Australia watched the final then they might be forgiven for not realising that it was being played in Australia. The heavens opened and people wore ponchos to help protect themselves from the elements. It was COLD!

Look what I found on our patio table yesterday....its a different sort of water feature, and shows just how much rain we had.

Talk about a floating candle!

That's rain water.....over half way up

But today I'm as excited as some of those footy fans because this week is the week I'm determined to get sorted in the studio. I've started to round up the brushes and paints etc so its a start. My stomach does a little flip when I think I might actually get something done, but I haven't a clue what that might be yet.
I'll prepare everything and stretch the silk and see what happens.... 

I have a box of brushes that I haven't found yet...but I'm hoping they're here somewhere and not vamooshed like a few other things during the house move. The brushes I'm particularly interested in are my Chinese brushes....three in a box.

Here's some of my old faithfuls.... The large brush on the right is my favourite, so at least I've got that one.
Below are two other works I did a few years ago. The Chinese symbols represent the four seasons and also health, prosperity and love - I hope, if I remember rightly. It was a few years back, so please forgive me if I'm wrong.

If you click on the photo above to enlarge it, then you will see that I even wrote my name using the Chinese symbols. A Chinese friend later told me as she looked stunned when she saw it, that part of my name actually has the symbol for silk in it. Does that meant its meant to be?

Now for inspiration....any ideas anyone??? Shout up???? I need all the help I can get....