Strawberry Fields Forever...

I've had such a lovely time this week enjoying the unseasonal warm weather. The temperature actually reached 21 degree's today! Crazy for winter.
So armed with a purse and not afraid to use it, I've visited local garden centres and nursery's wandering in the sunshine, filling trolleys and carrier baskets to the brim, on some occasions only stopping due to weight restrictions. I tried to restrain myself but it was tough. There's always so much I'd like to bring home.
Especially having a garden at last.

Whoever thought to put these little beauties into bright red pots knew what they were doing...
So irresistible
But then I wanted a large strawberry pot to replace one I used to own. Heaven knows where it disappeared to. Lost in one of our moves no doubt.

I did want to put some strawberries into hanging baskets too, so I'll have to revisit the garden centre.
Anyway, I've run out of compost - that's my excuse.

Just look at those flowers....hopefully they'll transform into beautiful, succulent, juicy strawberries soon.
I really must get back into the kitchen soon, there's been grumblings from the troops - "no cakee's" ; (
I know I've been neglecting my baking since the house move, but then the weather is predicted to turn wet next week. I'll make up for it then....
Happy Thursday!