Our Magic Christmas Elf

Well, once again we've been lucky to have our annual visit from our magic Christmas Elf.
Yet again, he's managed to find us, in fact over the years he's found us no matter where we are in the world. Even when we've been travelling - he's so clever he just knows where we are.
He normally appears on the 1st of December and there's always an excited buzz when he's discovered.
Christmas is coming....
My children over the years have loved him visiting because he doesn't just sit where he lands. Each night whilst we're all sleeping he moves to a new position. Normally somewhere where he can see everything and to make sure that we are all behaving. That way on Christmas Eve he can tell Santa if we've been good or bad! Once his job is done he then vanishes - puff!
When my son was a wee toot, first thing in the morning he would dash to find out where the Elf was hiding and on occasions we would see him standing very close to the Elf having a very private conversation.....so cute. I would have loved to have been privy to those conversations.
Thankfully, the Elf doesn't live with our Christmas decorations because upon setting up for this years celebrations, I found that we are missing quite a few items, garlands, wreaths, table candle displays etc. I think one large box appears to have been 'lost' in transit shall we say....
Just to make it perfectly clear, my son no longer talks to the Elf and certainly doesn't rush to get up in the morning to check his location - well I don't think so anyway?