Cockatoo came calling.....

There was a rumpus in the neighbourhood this morning. Not ideal on a Sunday but then I saw what was causing all the noise. This beautiful bird, so I had to forgive it.
He was actually perched just outside our bathroom window.
How special is that?
After seeing this one so close to the house I wanted to know a little more about them.
Apparently cockatoo's are very intelligent and affectionate when kept as pets, and they mate for life, but then I read that it can be like keeping a two year old for life.....eek!
No thank you.
I think Muffypup is quite safe - we'll not be wanting a cockatoo for a pet. Plus I don't think you can beat seeing them perched or flying around free.

Another amazing fact was that they can live up to 100 years old!
I just need to train this one not to do the Flock Call before breakfast.