Work in Progress (2)

Just a quick post today to give an update on the DIY pine drawers make-over.
I know you thought I'd forgotten them, but its typically turned into a bigger job than I anticipated.
Story of my life really.....

This time I worked out on the decking and not in the garage. And here's a little secret - I rubbed them down with my bikini on! Shocking I know but hey...after last time I was covered from head to foot in fine dust. This way it was easier, I just headed straight for the shower.

Is it me or do these drawers look happy to be getting a make-over?

I thought I was nearly done but I when went to check how many drawers there were left to do I thought there would be two but there's six!

Pressure is on to complete the project because my guests will be arriving on Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve and I don't really want the guest bedroom smelling of paint.

I'll be back as the saying goes.....