Moose And His Friends

After being away for three weeks over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, it’s not surprising that I’ve found inspiration and creative energy over that time, to motivate me in my future artwork.
It was a winter wonderland.
I also now have an iPad Pro with Procreate - woohoo!
My first dabble into the digital art world was a little nerve wrecking to say the least and probably frustrating for my daughter and son, as I asked so many questions and needed help.
To give them some peace, I’ve now enrolled into Skillshare classes and have made some progress.
Here is the result of my first (ever) time-lapse video.

The inspiration for this Moose artwork came from visiting a wildlife park.
The Moose was a favourite and had a friend living with him… a goat.
The signage just read ‘Moose with friend’ which I thought a little sad, but then maybe his friends vary from week to week, or season to season?
Once I had the Moose sketched in, I thought about his friend and decided to add another Canadian native in the form of cute Chickadee’s.
Here’s the result…

Moose and Friends.jpg

I hope you like him… and if you have any tips about Procreate, then I would be gratefully to hear them below.
Happy New Year everyone and thanks for stopping by my place.
I hope to see you soon
(p.s. if you’d like to see some Canadian photo’s follow the link below)

How Now Highland Cow

It appears that I’ve been on a unplanned break from blogging… who knew?
Well I certainly didn’t.
I’ve been enjoying the summer and keeping myself extremely busy, but the autumnal weather seems to have arrived, so I’m thinking it’s time to come indoors and indulge in my indoor pursuits… blogging being one of them.
The other pursuit that I can’t imagine ever giving up is producing and creating more artwork.
This is my latest piece… the Highland Cow.

Highland Cow.jpg

Yes, I know another one, but I really enjoyed playing with him.
I even left my glasses off at times in order to keep him loose.
I have great difficulty in keeping my artwork loose… that and knowing when to stop!
I thought this cow was previously finished at least three times, but went back to just add a little here and there.
I’ve decided that am definitely calling it a day now and surprisingly I’m pleased with him.
I suppose he just needs a name… I’m saying ‘He’, but I suppose it could be a ‘she’?

Great to chat with you and now I’m off to indulge in another of my new indoor pursuits… making bread!
Maybe I’ll post about my sourdough at another time.
(If you’d like to check them out now, then take a peek at my Instagram account… #denise.allan)
Have a great day and I’d love to hear if you have a suggestion for a name for the Highland Cow.

Who ate all the chocolate?

After consuming this huge bar of chocolate, (virtually unaided) I have to confess that I realise that I may have a problem! But I suspect that I'm not the only one who loves chocolate. 
At least I was able to use the wrapper to paint this watercolour.

Cabury Chocolate.jpg

I've completed all my current online courses with @Makeartthatsells, so I'm thinking I will draw breath now and perhaps revisit some of the assignments. 
I also have a few projects that I want to complete before I enrol for more classes.
The classes and @LillaRogers have certainly ignited my passion for painting.
I can't recommend the classes enough!
I've never drawn/painted so much and I'm loving every minute.

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for visiting.

My Great Granddad... Ernest

This is Ernest... My Great Granddad who was born in 1867.
As I sketched, I was lost in my thoughts about my family and it's history... a little like 'Who do you think you are?' (which is a tv programme if you're not familiar, where a celebrity traces their family roots back through the years... I find it fascinating)

Anyway, here's Ernest... and I thought I'd use this piece to practice my very weak lettering.
I fear now that I've plastered Ernest on a 'WANTED' poster!
One fact that did come from my research notes, was that he was a 'Tole Dealer'
Now I had no idea what this might be... so after more delving, I found that it involves ornately decorated trays or chandeliers etc!
Who knew?
How strange especially after painting last months sewing tray. 
Who knows Ernest might have been a painter! 😁

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for visiting.