Hello, I'm Denise Allan


I've always loved to draw, but like many people, life just happened and the creative button became squished.
It was buried deep whilst I travelled around the globe as an Expat with two small children, but in Brunei I grasped the opportunity to help paint the walls of the Mothers and Toddlers Club House with the Disney Jungle Book characters.
I had unbelievable fun!
It was the awakening I didn't realise I needed. 
I later enrolled for silk painting classes and after two years took over as the 'teacher'.
Next, we lived in Qatar in the Middle East where I worked full time, so the creative flow had a temporary halt.
Besides it can be difficult painting in 40/50 degrees Celcius! 
But after six years instead of taking a left turn to return home to the UK, we turned right...right to Australia!
Finding inspiration all around and time on my hands, I enrolled for an art class in a local gallery.
It was there that my love of black ink line drawing took off. 
I opened an Etsy shop selling cards and became giddy with the excitement of selling my artwork.


I've always loved to be behind the lens of a camera... and take hundreds of photographs per week.
I find inspiration from everything around me, especially nature.

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I've returned home now to the UK and am currently living in a beautiful rural setting in Bonnie Scotland.
My daughter (@nicallan.co.uk) encouraged me to enrol in @makeartthatsells.com which has virtually swept me off my feet. 
I'm drawing or painting every day and loving every minute.
Never has my home had so many chores lined up... (they used to be the priority)... but not anymore! 
I'm loving stretching and delving into the right side of my brain to expand my creativity and ability.
Even digitally and technically (thanks to my son's help and his patience)
It's been a wonderful awakening and now I'm not going to stop!

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I'd love to share my artwork with you because it makes my heart sing.
It's about following your passions and finding wonder along the way.
Welcome, I'm so happy you're here!

If you'd like to get in touch then please click on the contact page above.